Astec MN-2

inkubátor pro dry i wet inkubaci

Astec MN-2
  • Cena bez DPH: 143 400 Kč
  • Cena s DPH: 173 514 Kč
143 400 Kč

The MINI provides more versatility with its size and compatibility with the requirements for a successful cell culture. Each chamber is designed for both dry and humidified incubation.

Thermal environment is optimally sheltered with a heated top and bottom of the chamber. An Observation window, inherited from the EC6S model is incorporated in the Mini for a “non-disturbed” culture environment.
The ergonomic latch tightly fortifies the chamber to ensure there is no leakage of the mixture gas which could harm the culture inside.

For Humid applications the water can be placed under the perforated plate. Humidity builds up with natural evaporation up to 90%+.
As for Dry applications, the MINI comes with base plates by default to adjust to the non-humidified culture as well.
The MINI can be your main culture incubator or stand-by incubator in your workstation for the embryo transfer.

Safety is assured with a standard alarm system for temperature and gas flow. These alarms are available for redundant monitoring system through the outputs in the back of the unit.

Gas flow can be shut off by pressing the big green button when the MINI is not in use to save on gas consumption.




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