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PakGent® Bioscience is one of global leading manufacturers in liquid handling product lines, specifically focused on Pipette Tips and PCR tubes/plates and all different kind of Tubes. Many of them are used widely for COVID-19 test consumables recently. We have certified 100,000 class clean room, all materials are medical grade, Our team has over decade years experience of manufacturing and global marketing experience in this specific area. As global brand, we successfully had PakGent® registered for over 40 countries, product lines under PakGent® have been successfully exported to over 40 countries including Europe/USA/Canada, Middle East and Asia Pacific markets.

We have very wide product line in liquid handling from automation tips fitting with Tecan/Hamilton/Beckman etc, to Manual pipette tips which are guaranteed Universal Fit with many global brand of pipette, like Eppendorf, Gilson, Rainin, Finpipette etc. We also supply Rainin LTS pipette tips besides of general manual pipette tips.

All of our products including pipette tips, PCR consumables, different kinds of tubes and plates are manufactured from the highest quality, trace-metal free resins, all of the racked filter tips are presterilized by electron beam radiation and certified to be free of RNase DNase, DNA, pyrogens and ATP. All bulk products are autoclavable, as well as certified RNase, and DNase free.

PakGent pipette tips

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