The 3 Reasons why NanoZoomer is the best solution.


The whole slide scanners from Hamamatsu offer excellent image quality, high speed and reliability that’s suitable for both the clinical, pre-clinical, and research workflows. Hamamatsu provides over 15 years of product innovation in digital pathology.


The solutions offered by NanoZoomer enable our customers to identify and experience a sophisticated digital pathology workflow. With Hamamatsu's open architecture, we can create customized user experiences suited to your environment


With dedicated specialists at hand to support our customers, we are proud to have successfully integrated our systems into multiple institutions.

Zařazení produktů

NanoZoomer S360MD Slide scanner system

podavač pro celkem až 360 sklíček, IVDR


NanoZoomer S360MD Slide scanner system

NanoZoomer S60 Digital slide scanner

podavač pro celkem až 60 sklíček, možno doplnit fluorescenci


NanoZoomer S60 Digital slide scanner