SurePrint C100 Cassette Printer

DAKEWE laser printer

DAK C100 - more free space for your desktop
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  • Kód produktu: C100
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Clear printing and strong compatibility The SurePrint C100 printing resolution is high and can print various fonts, font sizes, special symbols of various texts, along with printing QR codes and barcodes. The device can print cassettes with lid attach/ dettach. The device is compatible with cassettes of 35° and 45° angle without the need to change to special laser cassette.

Smart scan  +  Intelligent color recognition

Printing technology Non-contact laser marking technology
Printing speed                  Fastest speed up to 2.5 sec/cassette (depending on print content)
Print content                    Numbers, characters, 1D & 2D barcodes, QR codes, patterns
Cassette type                  Without lid, with lid attached/dettached
Cassette angle                Both 45° and 35°
Filter              Built-in purification system, with carbon and hepa filter
System interface            LIS, HIS, PIS, PACS
Screen                            8 inch LED touch screen
Computer-side software        Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux
Load capacity                          6 hoppers, up to 600 cassettes
Power                                      100 - 240 VAC, ± 10 %, 210 VA
Output organizer                    100 cassettes
Equipment dimension            420 * 380 * 395 mm
Net weight                              Approx. 30 kg




  • novel and compact design
  • continuous smooth printing experience
  • 15 patents
  • 6 slots’ carrousel for cassettes magazines
  • compatibility with 90% of cassettes of the market
  • fully autonomous machine with embedded printing and machine software
  • embedded scanner for QR code, EAN 9, EAN 13, data matrix, …
  • excellent number-, sign-, symbol-, code writing capabilities and lay out (107 characters)
  • noise, shock and vibration reducing rubber machine foot
  • high efficiency air purification system (combined carbon / HEPA filter) to protects users - To be changed according to use, max. every 6 months
  • software with lifetime licences
  • preventive maintenance every 5 years


  • 6 stainless steel magazines for sleeves feeding
  • 6 stainless steel high capacity magazines (100 cassette) for loose, bulk or taped cassettes
  • compatible Micro biopsy cassette from Sakura Paraform
  • storage up to 600 cassettes
  • colors settings

High speed quality printing

  • black printing on multi-color cassette
  • 6 different colors cassettes can be loaded on the carrousel for printing
  • last technology of printing technology by UV Laser (355 nm)
  • printing quality up to 600 × 600 dpi
  • ozone free technology
  • fast printing speed (2,5 s/cassette)
  • print the plastic without damage it
  • the printed characters are clear, scratch-, corrosion- and high-temperature resistant
  • print and code can be read quickly and correctly on the scanner or bar code reader
  • printing on cassettes with angle from 35° to 45°
  • no jamming during printing
  • empty slot recognition on the carousel
  • feeding of cassettes during the printing process

Extractable storage tray for printed cassettes

  • automatic alignment and storage system controlled by sensors
  • tray storage capacity is 100 cassettes on 10 storage rails
  • light over printed cassettes output storage rail

BSL layout software

  • cassette layout
  • intuitive and multi-language software
  • easy customization of the editing cassette layout
  • configuration and saving from the customer cassettes layouts

Machine software

  • embedded Windows 10 software
  • fully compatible with LIS / HIS system
  • configuration and saving from your cassette printing templates
  • 3 printing modes: ordinary, channel selection, autocolor recognition


  • control by RGB / RGS color detection system
  • control of current prints
  • high level of print identification
  • traceability with automatic recording of run data
  • daily event report (log)


  • calibration by RGB / RGS color detection system
  • large LED touch screen - friendly and intuitive graphical user interface of 20 cm (8 “)
  • different user levels (operator, administrator, developer)
  • fully computer controlled cassette management
  • automatic cassette loading and unloading
  • impact and dirt resistant surface material
  • 3 USB ports for connecting keyboard , mouse and USB stick
  • intuitive instruction for use
  • microphone for voice input
  • intelligent voice wake-up and interactive function
  • status light bar
  • emergency button to stop the run
  • priority button: scan the code: printing urgent cassettes
  • automatic sleep mode of the device


  • activated combined carbon / HEPA filter change
  • empty magazine
  • empty slot
  • end of run indication
  • filling of the tray
  • malfunction of the machine


  • printing can also be controlled by an external software system (Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux)
  • networking of the device


  • dimensions W x D x H (mm): 420 x 380 x 395 (1005 with high capacity magazines)
  • weight (kg): 23
  • voltage (V): 220
  • frequency (Hz): 50
  • power (W): 210
  • noise level (dbA): < 65
  • dimensions standard magazine W x D x H ( mm): 55 x 33 x 102
  • dimensions high capacity magazine W x D x H (mm): 60 x 62 x 563
  • power cable supplied with plug depending on country