GenUP™ Plant RNA Kit 10

Isolation of total RNA from plant, 10 Preps

GenUP™ Plant RNA Kit 10
  • Velikost balení: 10 preps
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1 989 Kč

Rychlá izolace celkové RNA z až 100 mg rostlinného materiálu.

biotechrabbit™ GenUP Plant DNA Kit has been specially developed for quick and easy purification of genomic DNA from a wide variety of plant materials, including fresh, frozen or dried samples from leaves, roots, stems and flowers.

The kit includes an advanced prefiltration step to remove unlysed tissue. Subsequently, DNA is bound to a Mini Filter and is subsequently washed and eluted in a separate tube. The purified DNA is ready for use in any demanding molecular biology application, including PCR, enzymatic digestions and cloning.

This kit provides three buffers for optimized processing with different plant materials. To determine optimal lysis conditions, side-by-side preparation using the three provided protocols are prepared.


  • Fast and simple procedure
  • High-quality RNA isolated from a wide variety of plant samples
  • Physical removal of DNA, no DNase treatment, no toxic β-mercaptoethanol


  • Isolation of total RNA from up to 100 mg plant material