Astec IBIS-SG, Time Lapse pro GPS Dish

Time Lapse inkubátor, 230V w/Phototunes SW

  • Výrobce: Astec Co., Ltd.
  • Kód produktu: CCM-iBIS-SG
  • Dostupnost: Na objednávku
  • Objem: (W)382mm x (D)590mm x (H)219mm
Number of settable dishes 9 (25-Well EmbryoGrid)
Inside-chamber dimensions 62 mm (W) x 65 mm (D) x 17 mm (H) Capacity: Approx.
69 ml
Humidification method Non humidification
Power supply 110V-120 VAC 50/60Hz 3A or 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz
1.5A (Voltage fluctuation : within ±10%)
Weight of the main body Approx. 30kg
Temperature control method Digital PID method, independent control of each incubation chamber
Operational temperature range 24ºC to 28ºC
Temperature control range 36ºC to 39ºC
Temperature fluctuation range ±0.1ºC (Room temperature: 26ºC)
Temperature distribution ±0.1ºC (Room temperature: 26ºC)
Main heater Silicon rubber heater
CO2 sensor Infrared CO2 sensor
CO2 control method Duty control
CO2 control range 0 to 20.0%
CO2 fluctuation range ±0.1%
O2 sensor Ceramic O2 sensor
O2 control method Duty control
O2 control range 2.0 to 18.0%
O2 fluctuation range ±0.5%
XY stage Shift range ±105 mm (x-axis), ±140 mm (y-axis)
Resolution 1μm/step
Maximum speed 40mm/sec
Repetitive-positioning accuracy Within ±0.5 μm
z stage Shift range ±5mm
Resolution 1 μm/step (Half)
Maximum speed 10mm/sec
Repetitive-positioning accuracy Within ±0.2 μm
Optical system Camera 1.3-million pixel CCD camera, 4.86 mm x 3.62 mm imaging size
Objective lens Lens (10 x) for biological microscopes
Light source for illumination Red LED (Peak wavelength: 623 nm)
Image Image save format JPEG format