AD-SEAL SQ18-10150, Mouning Spacers, 20 ks

inner diameter 10 mm, thickness 0,150 mm

Ad seal 1
  • Výrobce: ADVI
  • Kód produktu: ADS-18-10150-20
  • Dostupnost: Obvykle skladem
  • Cena bez DPH: 700 Kč
  • Cena s DPH: 847 Kč
700 Kč

Inert adhesive spacers for sealing and the protection biological structures 

  • Light microscopy
  • For research use only
  • Ready-to-use

Objednací čísla:
20 pcs Cat. No. ADS-18-10150-20
100 pcs Cat. No. ADS-18-10150-100

Mounting spacers AD-SEAL are an essential component in microscopy as they offer numerous benefits for researchers and scientists. Firstly, they provide a secure and easy sealing solution for your cover glass. This ensures that your sample remains in place during imaging and prevents any potential damage or movement of the specimen.

Additionally, mounting spacers protect fragile biological structures, such as cells and tissues, by creating a gap between the cover glass and the slide. This gap serves as a cushion for the specimen, reducing the risk of damage from pressure or stress.

Furthermore, mounting spacers can also improve the quality of your microscopy images. By creating a uniform thickness across the sample, they prevent any distortion or aberrations that may occur due to unevenness in the slide or cover glass.

Overall, the use of mounting spacers in microscopy is highly recommended due to their ability to provide a secure and easy sealing solution, protect fragile biological structures, and improve the quality of your microscopy images.

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