OPU needle TIK G17 - 1,5x320mm

punkční jehly

TIK OPU Needle G17
  • Výrobce: TIK d.o.o.
  • Kód produktu: 59123
  • Dostupnost: Obvykle skladem
  • Velikost balení: 10 ks
  • Cena bez DPH: 3 580 Kč
  • Cena s DPH: 4 332 Kč
3 580 Kč
Outer diameter of the needle [g/mm] Internal diameter of the needle [mm] Needle Length [mm] Length of tubing from needle to plug [mm] Length of tubing from plug to aspirator [mm] Echo marker Additional needle for flushing Bevel type  
59123 17/1,5 1,20 320 970 500 Yes No  
  • Ideal for aspiration of follicles from ovaries
  • Ergonomic, non-slip needle holder
  • Atraumatic echo marker
  • Smooth inner surface on cannula and connecting tubes
  • Female Luer lock connector enables connecting to an aspirator or syringe
  • Silicon stopper for tight connection to the test tube
  • Transparent kink resistant connecting tubes
  • Funnel shaped tube ends for safe outflow of follicular fluid into the test tube