Manual Rotary Microtome MR2258


MR2258_microtome manual
  • Výrobce: Histo-Line
  • Kód produktu: MR2258
  • Dostupnost: Obvykle do 4 týdnů
  • Cena bez DPH: 156 800 Kč
  • Cena s DPH: 189 728 Kč
156 800 Kč

The MR2258 is a manual rotary microtome, the essential features you need for sections in paraffin embedded tissues.

  • For routine and research applications. 
  • The handwheel block is easily operated and can be accommodated in any position.
  • Simple and precise object head orientation.
  • The clamp is suitable for all types of standard biocassettes and is interchangeable by the operator with the ring clamp (optional). 
  • Both steel knife (optional) and disposable blades can be used.
  • Cutting range from 0,5 to 60 microms.

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