HP300 Automatic Tissue Processor

DAKEWE 150/300 cassettes

HP300 Automatic Tissue Processor - Multi-functional design
  • Výrobce: Dakewe
  • Kód produktu: HP300
  • Dostupnost: Obvykle do 4 týdnů

Dakewe’s HP300/ HP300 Plus tissue processor are the combination of unique design, built-in intelligence and cutting-edge technology.

Due to its unparalleled stability, smart management system and easy-to-use interface, Dakewe tissue processor are being used worldwide in hospitals, universities, research institutions, third party laboratories, different organizations and industrial sectors. The HP300 offers exceptional quality and reliability.

Convenient Interface Operation

Marble design, heat insulation, easy to clean

  • User friendly 12.1 inch color touch screen.
  • Three adjustable screen positions for flexible viewing options.
  • Marble countertop is easy-to-clean and serves as a thermal insulator. The air-proof inner cover has heater functionality and is resistant to the reagents and paraffin.

Innovative Electric Lock

It includes an intelligent electric  locking system for convenience and safety.

Quality Control and Remote Monitoring

  • HP300/HP300 Plus tissue processor incorporates an intelligent management system. Its consistent dehydration process is safeguarded by monitoring parameters for the quantity of cassettes being processed, dehydration batches and days of reagent usage.
  • The processor incorporates real-time monitoring of the running status, reagent consumption record tracking and data analysis.
  • Processor status can also be checked via a remote-monitoring system.
  • HP300 Plus: Reagent concentration detection allows an intuitive display of the alcohol concentration, preventing the misconduct of reagents.

Power-off Protection

The power-off protection mechanism guarantees smooth dehydration at night, safeguarding samples uninterruptedly by filling safety reagent into the retort when UPS is connected.

Liquid Levels Monitoring

Sample Protection and Security

  • 3 ultrasonic liquid level sensors monitor the current liquid level, ensure a stable dehydration process and prevent reagent overflow.
  • Equipped with an air pump (2 in HP300 Plus) that provides air pressure supply with a double temperature control system enhances the performance level.
  • Self-checking mechanism for critical parts helps to monitor the status of the machine in real time.
  • The innovative liquid control system can effectively reduce impurity contamination (such as fat and paraffin), preventing pipe or valve blockage from opening.

Automatic identification of reagent and rotation

Convenient and Labour Saving

Intelligent reagent replacing system is manual work saving; paraffin can be automatically replaced and replenished to ensure complete infusion of samples.

Reagent level can be clearly seen with the blue back light. 

Cleaning Mode and the unique paraffin double-drain

  • Paraffin double-drain before the cleaning process ensures better cleaning and saves cleaning reagents.
  • 3 cleaning mode options for different user requirements.
  • Hassle-free instrument surface cleaning  brings you ease of mind.

Baskets Optional

Two sample basket sizes available for flexible option.



  • mobile unit on 4 directional castors with brakes
  • maximum 300 cassettes (2 x 150 cassettes)
  • 3 washing programmes
  • 3 predefined programs including 1 "small biopsy" program
  • 4 paraffin tanks fed by a very large central tank of 15.6 litres
  • reaction tank pressure detection sensors
  • compatible with UPS battery backup
  • high efficiency activated carbon filtration protects users from toxic fumes - To be changed according to use, max. every 3 months


  • Continuous process quality control
  • Continuous pressure monitoring
  • Reagent rotation (systeme) management
  • Traceability with automatic recording of treatment data


  • large touch screen - friendly and intuitive graphical user interface of 25 cm (8,84”)
  • quick cleaning of surfaces in contact with paraffin (reconstituted marble)
  • heated Teflon lid (no paraffin deposit)
  • chemical resistant lid seal (low maintenance - replace every 3 years)
  • 3 ultrasonic level sensors for continuous level control of the central paraffin tank
  • 6 sensors for continuous temperature control of the reaction vessel / tank
  • different user levels (operator, administrator, developer)
  • electronic locking of the reaction vessel / tank
  • daily event report


  • activated carbon filter change
  • end of cycle indication
  • leak detection


  • minimum basket size of 70 cassettes
  • application for tablet or phone for continuous process monitoring
  • WIFI module for data transfer via internet
  • RFID module


  • dimensions W x D x H (mm):    620 x 640 x 1170
  • weight (kg):    180
  • voltage (V):    220
  • frequency (Hz):    50
  • power (W):     
  • noise level (dbA):   
  • power cable supplied with plug depending on country